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Need unsightly or unpleasant stain removal ?

Many stains can be of a complex nature and will require patience and knowledge of appropriate cleaning solutions to effectively remove them.


We offer expert stain removal and cleaning in Reading - for the best results on ALL fibres and finishes.

Our experienced stain removal experts have all the professional cleaning materials and equipment needed to remove almost all stains.

We'll tell you if we believe we can get rid of that stain before we start.

Stains removed from

Stain Types Removal Reading

The Benefits of Stain Protection -

Included FREE With Gold & Platinum Carpet Cleaning Packages

Having your carpets protected reduces the absorbency of its natural fabrics by coating every fibre with an invisible UV-stable protective layer.


Stains are easier to clean and spills are easier to blot up.- keeping your carpets looking great for longer.

Protector Applied

It forms a molecular shield around virtually every fibre causing any spillages to bead up on the carpet. The shield lowers the surface energy of the carpet fibres causing them to repel dust, dirt and spills.


Dirt and spills penetrate deep into the carpet fibres making removal and cleaning more difficult.

Carpet Stain Protection Reading
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