Ensure your carpets look and smell bright, fresh & clean - at low fixed prices.

Your entire homes carpets 

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Your carpets will look and smell great for longer - regular professional cleaning adds years to the life of your carpets, keeping them clean and hygienic.


Leading independent research recommends cleaning your carpets every 6-12 months.

In the average home over two million dust mites feed on dead skin, scales and other debris and  hide in your carpet, upholstery & rugs.


Microscopic mite faeces and corpses are so small that they blow up into the air as you walk around your house.


80% of people who suffer from allergies are allergic to these airborne mite refuse. To help limit their effect on your health it is advisable to clean your carpets and furniture more often. Choose us for your carpet cleaning in Reading.


Which Carpet Cleaning Package Is Right For Me ?

Prices are for your whole house - for up to and including 4 bedroom properties. Single room cleaning £49. No VAT.

Cleaning prices quoted cover properties up to 4 bedrooms - please call for cleaning prices for larger properties. View our terms and conditions here.


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