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Floor cleaning - get your stone, ceramic or tile floor looking like new again.

We can advise  on the best floor cleaning methods for all kinds of surfaces including  - Slate, Terracotta, Quarry tiles, Lime stone, Sand stone, York stone, Victorian geometric clay tiles, Ceramic and Porcelain tiles.

The secret of the amazing floor cleaning results we can achieve lies in the many techniques we have mastered depending upon your floor surface. As the techniques we use vary so does the time it takes and the price we charge - please call us to discuss your requirements for floor cleaning in Reading.

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Floor Cleaning Reading

Repairing Damaged or Worn Floors

We can restore  damaged or worn floors and bring them  back to "like new" condition by removing etched areas, scratches, lips, cleaning grout, re-polishing and re-sealing the surface.


We do this by using a combination of the following processes:


   • Deep clean the stone to remove old wax, polymers and dirt

   • Hone back the old finish to remove dulled and etched areas      

   • Polish to like new condition using fine abrasive pads

   • Seal with an impregnator to protect the body of the floor

Domestic & Commercial Floor Cleaning Reading

We recently completed a floor cleaning project for Eton College - read about it here.

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