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Are you looking to get your rugs cleaned & looking like new again ?

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Modern Rug Cleaning Reading

Even though vacuuming can remove most household dirt, having your rug cleaned professionally will prolong its life and keep it looking great.


We will remove the oily, sticky dirt that  vacuums don't remove and remove any  stains that your rug might have accumulated.

Our cleaning techniques depend upon the age, type and condition of your rug.

5 steps to a clean and fresh modern rug :

1. Thorough pre-vacuum, including beater process, to remove ingrained dust.

2. Hand treatment of stains. Pet stains are treated to kill bacteria.

3. Pilate rug fibres and pre-treat with bio-degradable cleaning agent.

4. Re-vacuum removing loose soiling.

5. Spray with Ph neutral cleaning agents and rinse using a high power cleaning machine.

Oriental Rugs

Treatment of oriental rugs varies by origin, type, fabric, condition and age.

We have years of experience cleaning rugs in Reading - just give us a call to see how we can help.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Reading
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